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Wishes and Stitches By Rachael Herron
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Wishes and Stitches

A Cypress Hollow Yarn

Questions for Discussion

1. Naomi has always wanted to live in a small town, even though she had no experience with this before. What about her past do you think made her crave this way of life?

2. Would Naomi have had an equally hard a time in any small town? Or do you think it’s particularly Cypress Hollow that kept her introverted for as long as she was?

3. What about working as a doctor for offshore oil rigs do you think attracted Rig in the first place? He’s obviously family-oriented which made being far away difficult for him. Why did he stick with it as long as he did?

4. Naomi’s relationship with Eliza was remarkable, and it isn’t until later in the book that we realize why Eliza is so drawn to Naomi. Why, do you suppose, is Naomi so drawn to Eliza?

5. It could be argued that Maybelle, Naomi’s mother, plays the villain’s role in Wishes & Stitches. Do you think she’s the bad guy? Why or why not?

6. Naomi has had an up and down relationship with her younger sister Anna. If Anna hadn’t come to town to see her, do you think Naomi would have tried to repair the relationship on her own?

7. Anna arrives in town penniless and pregnant, and Naomi saves her as per usual. Is this something that will strengthen or weaken her sister’s character in the long run? Do you think Anna really needs saving or is this something Naomi is projecting onto her sister?

8. The Keller men haven’t had a woman around in a long time. Now they are surrounded by females. What difference will this make, if any, in their interactions with each other?

9. What is Naomi’s culpability in Frank’s heart attack? Do you think Rig’s reaction was appropriate? Did he under- or overreact?

10. Naomi has been hiding her knitting for years. What changes does her “outing” represent in her life?

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