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Changing Faces By Kimberla Lawson Roby
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Changing Faces


Kimberla Lawson's new novel, Changing Faces, is a story about the true meaning of friendship. Whitney, Taylor, and Charisse have been best friends for years. When one of the woman has a problem, the other two are there to support her. Whitney is a plus-sized woman who just can't turn down a box of Krispy Kremes or find a man who'll stick around. Taylor is in a long-term relationship with a boyfriend who won't commit to marriage. And Charisse—well, Charisse is married, with two adorable children, but somehow doesn't have what she wants or needs. Then suddenly Charisse spins out of control. Her doormat husband manages to stand up to her and even threatens to go public with some very shady practices that Charisse had hoped to keep hidden, especially from her interfering mother. Only a very risky scheme will save her, she decides. The women of Changing Faces push the limits of how far friendship can go.

Questions for Discussion

1. Do you believe Whitney's low self-esteem was a result of her relationship with her mother?

2. Have you or anyone you know struggled with the problem of being overweight? Do you think overweight issues in America are worse than ever before?

3. Did you realize that Taylor's boyfriend was hiding such a huge secret from her in terms of why he wasn't ready for marriage?

4. Do you think Taylor's choice to ignore her symptoms of an illness is typical of many women today? Specifically, when the symptoms might mean a possible hysterectomy?

5. Do you know someone who has the same controlling personality as Charisse?

6. Do you think Charisse's life might have turned out differently had her mother been more loving to her as a child? Or do you think Charisse was born mentally unstable?

7. Were you happy to know that Marvin finally decided that he was going to stand up to Charisse?

8. Which of the three characters could you most identify with, Whitney, Taylor or Charisse and why?

9. In the end, do you believe that Rico really did love Whitney and that they truly have a chance of having a happy relationship?

10. Do you have friends that you can always depend on the same as these women were able to depend on each other in Changing Faces?

11. Do you believe the friendship between Whitney, Taylor and Charisse is similar to most friendships between women?

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